Online MBA Entrepreneurship

#1 MBA Entrepreneurship program | OSU Oklahoma State University

The Master in Entrepreneurship ranked number one in the US again this year, that's two years consecutively now.

The ranking was awarded by The website as part of their review of the top 20 online MBA Entrepreneurship Programs.

A full review of the top 20 programs in the country is provided. The OSU program was ranked #1 for its excellence and for meeting core evaluation criteria:

  • - a strong core curricula
    - a creative approach
    - diversity of the program
    - number of options offered
    - retention
    - completion
    - employment rates
    - level of student satisfaction
    - program cost
    - financial assistance
    - prominence of the school
    - associations with corporate and business commnunity

The OSU online masters program scores well thanks to its dedicated staff and its focused curriculum, which emphasises entrepreneurship heavily, which makes for a creative and stimulating environment involving experimental learning.

The review of OSU claims that
"the online Master in Entrepreneurship enhances student competencies in areas such as risk management, opportunity recognition, resource leveraging, business planning, and innovation."

Apparently many of the students participating in the OSU Masters in Entrepreneurship Program are focused on entrepreneurship and developing their own business.