TOEFL vocabulary list

TOEFL Vocabulary List | Essential Words For Success in TOEFL

The TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) is used to evaluate your level of competence in using and understanding English in an academic context, such as a university, in North America. There are three different versions of the TOEFL test:
    TOEFL iBT (internet based test)
    TOEFL CBT (computer based test)
    TOEFL PBT (paper based test)
How well you speak and write in English depends a lot on how good your vocabulary is. This TOEFL vocabulary list will help you learn more than 350 essential words commonly seen and heard in the TOEFL test. Each part consists of a word, the definition and sample sentences so you can see how the word is normally used in context.

As well as a sample sentence, you will also see the noun, verb, adjective, adverb form of the word so that you can rapidly increase your TOEFL vocabulary.

[-]trigger   [examples]
    triggering, triggered, triggered
    to cause (something) to happen, to set off
    The accident triggered an explosion in the chemical factory which was devastating.
    noun trigger
[-]volunteer   [examples]
    volunteering, volunteered, volunteered
    to offer to do something, usually without being asked, pressured into it, or paid
    When the professor mentioned the research project I immediately volunteered to work on it.
    noun volunteer adjective voluntary adverb voluntarily
[-]predict   [examples]
    predicting, predicted, predicted
    to know what will happen in the future, to foresee
    The students tried to predict which questions would be in the end of semester test.
    noun prediction , predictability adjective predictable adverb predictably
[-]accompany   [examples]
    accompanying, accompanied, accompanied
    to go or come along with
    The professor accompanied the Dean of the university to the awards ceremony.
    noun accompaniment
[-]relax   [examples]
    relaxing, relaxed, relaxed
    to become less tense, to slacken
    After a stressful exam, a nice massage can help relax your muscles and mind.
    noun relaxation adjective relaxing, relaxed
[-]approve   [examples]
    approving, approved, approved
    1. to consent to, to allow, to endorse
    2. to believe to be correct or good

    The head of department has to approve all changes to the curriculum.
    My parent's didn't approve of my career choice.

    noun approval adjectiveapproving adverb approvingly
[-]restrict   [examples]
    restricting, restricted, restricted
    1. to limit, to reduce
    The university have to restrict the number of students in each faculty.
    It is common to restrict the amount of alcohol and tobbaco a person can enter the country with.
    nounrestriction adjectiverestrictive adverbrestrictively
[-]violate   [examples]
    violating, violated, violated
    to defy, to disobey
    Examples By speaking to the media he violated his contract.
    She violated the trust placed in her by selling corporate secrets to the competitors.
    noun. violation
[-]deny   [examples]
    denying, denied, denied
    1. to dispute the truth (of a statement or fact)
    2. to reject or refuse (a request)
    The student denied cheating in the exam.
    Her profesor denied her request for an extension to complete her assignment.
    noun denial, deniability adjective deniable adverb deniably
[-]immigrate   [examples]
    immigrating, immigrated, immigrated
    1. to move to a new country
    Many Italians have immigrated to the USA over the centuries.
    Countries such as the USA and UK welcome immigration as a source of skilled labour.

    noun immigration, immigrant (person)
[-]conform   [examples]
    conforming, conformed, conformed
    1. to follow rules or standards
    2. to follow social conventions

    New domestic appliances need to conform to many different standards.
    My brother has never really conformed, he's much more of a free spirit than I am.

    noun conformity, conformist (person) adjective conformist
[-]acknowledge   [examples]
    acknowledging, acknowledged, acknowledged
    1. to admit or accept as a fact
    2. to recognize

    It s important to acknowledge your errors and learn from them.
    Acknowledging his professor's greater experience of the subject, he decided to follow the advice given.

    noun acknowledgement adjective acknowledged