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Management education online in India

There are currently half a million online learners registered with and this number is targeted to increase to three million by 2014. Inspired by established online learning platforms such as Coursera and edX, myBskool aims to make online courses easily accessible and affordable for the masses.

Currently, India’s largest virtual distance learning school offers online graduate programs designed for professionals and online content is based on video presentations of lectures delivered by India’s leading management gurus.

Try an MBA for FREE!

Now on offer is a free 100 day mini MBA online course. The courses available on are free. However, it also offers an accredited online MBA course which is certified by the Madras Management Association (MMA), which students can opt for if they are willing to pay a fee. This certified course costs Rs 5,500 and a range of more expensive courses is also planned for the future.

Online Professional Development Courses

Courses for professionals with content co-created with IIMRanchi are available covering a variety of different professional disciplines and include courses such as:
  • Post graduate diploma in management
    Executive Diploma in Business Administration
    Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management
    Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
    Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
    Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

As well as courses in:
  • Business Strategy
    Managing Finance
    Supply Chain Management
    Foundations of Entrepreneurship
    Production & Operations Management

and Pre – MBA courses.

The future of learning is online

There are various advantages for students studying degree programs online. Accessibility and cost are probably the main benefits as this type of course allows students to gain new knowledge or deepen existing knowledge in their professional careers and gain valuable new skills whilst not being restricted by geographical limitations or time restraints. As more companies switch their focus to online business and the global opportunities it offers, it only makes sense that established business schools will adapt and provide degrees online as well as their traditional study abroad programs to capture foreign students.

As online education continues to grow in India and around the world, we should expect to see even more high quality offerings from educational providers such as and others.