IELTS Skills App Wins 2013 Award From ESU

IELTS Skills App Wins 2013 Award

The IELTS Skills app from Macmillan Education has won an award from the ESU (English Speaking Union) as recognition for the application of technology to enhance the teaching of English globally.

The app was described as very high quality and perfectly suited to its target audience citing its availability on smartphones as being a big advantage. Innovative, varied and well thought out content, as well as its professional image were also praised.

The IELTS Skills app is a combination of the latest technology and exam experience and is designed to help English language learners preparing for the IELTS exam to develop the necessary skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Learners who want to use the app have a choice between one version of the app which has everything (all skills) and individual versions for each skill. The apps are suitable for iOS and Android.

The award clearly recognizes Macmillan Education’s goal of being at the leading edge of the digital education revolution by developing a powerful app which can be used by learners and teachers.