TOEFL Integrated Speaking Practice

Speaking Skills For TOEFL Speaking Practice

In this type of question you will be prompted to speak about a personal experience, maybe a person, a place, a possession, a situation, or an event/occasion. After hearing the question, choose what you will talk about and explain your choice.

You have 15 seconds to think and plan your answer and then 45 seconds to speak.

What you need to do
- Describe your experience
- Give reasons for your choice

Example TOEFL Speaking Question

Where would you like to study in the United States?

Here are some example notes, details to include in the answer, and the reasons why.
- Washington, D.C.
- Family in area, visit, help, advice
- It’s an international city, my food, lots of stores
- Many Tours, sites to see, trains connect to other places
- Excellent Universities, accepted at one

Example TOEFL Speaking Answer

I’d really like to study at a school in the Washington D.C. area. I have family living there, and I could visit them when I have free time and it would be nice to be close to them if I need any advice or help. I like Washington because I’ve been there several times before.

Being an international city there are many restaurants and good stores where I found food and various other products from my own country, so I could buy things I like while I’m living there. I think Washington is an exciting city. I’ve already seen some of the famous sites, but I still want to visit many other places.

Another good thing is that there are lots of trains to New York and other cities which would allow me to take advantage of free time to travel and see more of the US.

There are also some excellent universities in Washington and I think it’s likely I’d be accepted by one of them.

Analysis of TOEFL speaking answer

This is a good response because:

✓ The speaker answers the question directly
✓ The speaker’s point of view is well-organized and direct
✓ The answer flows in a logical manner
✓ The speaker’s main idea is supported by examples and details
✓ The speaker’s answer and explanation is easily understood
✓ The speaker uses a good range of vocabulary
✓ The answer only has some minor grammatical errors
✓ The answer is comprehensive and a good length