Free English Apps For Android

FREE English App

Here’s a new app for learning English, launched by Fun Easy Learn recently. Available on Google Play, it’s called Learn English 6000 Words. Designed for Android devices it’s an intuitive and well-designed mobile app for learning English. It helps users to learn 6,000 words in English and has picture illustrations for each of the words to help understand their meaning.

Many people have problems communicating when they work or travel in English speaking countries, if they do not have a good level of English. Even though the most common spoken language for communication globally is English, there are still many people in the world who have difficulty understanding the most common words and phrases in English.

You can download the Learn English 6000 Words app from Google Play for any Android smartphone or tablet. The app is ideal for people who prefer learning by audio or visual methods and the app makes learning English easy and fun.

There are three levels of difficulty for learners on the app: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The first level has 1,000 vocabulary words to learn. The next level has another 2,000 vocabulary words, and the advanced level has 3,000 more vocabulary words to learn. The vocabulary words have been carefully chosen and categorized based on 140 topics.

Learn English 6000 words has a star rating of 4.5 and is FREE!