Online English learning platform TutorGroup plans further growth with new round of investment

Learning English Online: a growth industry

China’s e-commerce giant invests in English Learning Website

What is the future of learning English online? It seems that it’s a sector which will see even more growth in the future, especially as more young people are logging on to learn English than ever now.

TutorGroup has announced that the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba is investing in its website. Alongside other investors such as Qiming Venture Partners and Temasek, around USD $100 million will be invested into the online English learning service. TutorGroup is already a leader in this sector in Asia and will strengthen its position even more, as well as expanding into America.

What does TutorGroup provide?

They offer an interactive, real-time English language learning experience. Boasting 2,000 tutors based in 32 different countries around the world, their platform contains over 10,000 hours of English language content for learners. This learning content, which is rated by learners, is available 24/7.

TutorGroup’s prediction of 25% growth in the adult English learning industry in China clearly indicates how important the Chinese see English language skills for their future development.