Free Online Diploma Course in Customer Service

customer service diploma course free online
Excellent Customer Service adds value to your brand

Free Diploma in Customer Service

Customer service, or more specifically good customer service, can make or break a company. It is sometimes the only differentiating factor among several companies who appear to offer the same product/service and at similar prices. How a company treats, and deals with, its customers or clients impacts directly on brand loyalty and therefore their financial bottom line.

So what’s customer service all about? And how do you get it right so it really does add value to your brand and for your customers.

Providing excellent customer service is key for every business in order to maintain their business viability in the long term. The fundamental components of customer service are introduced in this free online Diploma course in Customer Service which explains how each component can be applied in any type of organization. It also covers how an organization can develop their customer service to a high level in order to meet the demands of their customers or clients.

The course covers how customer service applies to the hospitality and retail industries as well as within the public sector and the various elements which should be focused on.

Who is the online Diploma course in Customer Service for?

The online Diploma course is aimed at business managers, owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in learning how to deploy an efficient customer service program within their organization. The course is also ideal for staff working in the retail and hospitality industries as well as public sector workers who are interested in providing a more effective and friendly customer service experience in their department or workplace.

The online Diploma in Customer Service is accredited at Level 3 QCF (UK)

By the end of the course participants will be able to:
  • Apply key element of customer service in an organization
  • Develop a basic customer service initiative to a more advance level
  • Use efficient communications to collaborate and communicate with customers
  • Acquire and analyze customer feedback to refine and improve customer service
  • Deploy an effective customer service program within the retail, hospitality or public sector