IELTS 189 visa Australia

Which version of IELTS do I need to apply for a class 189 Visa, Academic or General?

Your level of English proficiency will be measured by either IELTS General Traing test or OET test.

The skilled independent visa (subclass 189) is for skilled workers who do not have sponsorship by the state government, local territory government, employer or family member.

The visa is awarded on a points basis. With a 189 visa you can live and work as a permanent resident in Australia.

What are the requirements for a 189 visa?

To apply for a 189 Australian visa you must present an expression of interest and subsequently receive an invitation to apply from SkillSelect. You do not need to be in Australia to apply or receive the 189 visa.

189 visa eligibility requirements

You might be abel to apply for a 189 visa if when you receive the letter of invitation you can meet the following requirements:
  • Have an occupation which appears on the list of relevant skilled occupations
  • Have successfully achieved appropriate skills assessment for the occupation nominated
  • You should be under 50 years old when you receive the invitation
  • Achieve the necessary points score detailed in the invitation letter. This is based on various factors.
  • Be competent in English language skills

How do I know if I am competent in English?

To prove your level of competence in English you need to present an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) report form or OET (Occupational English Test) result. English test results (IELTS or OET) must not be older than 3 years immediately before the day of application for the 189 visa.

The points awarded for different levels of competency in English language are the following:

Competent English
Minimum score 6 in each of the four sections: listening, reading, writing and speaking of IELTS, or grade B in each of the four components of OET, or evidence of citizenship and passport of Canada, the United States of America, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or New Zealand
Proficient English
Minimum score 7 in each section of IELTS, or grade B in each section of OET
Superior English
Minimum score 8 in each of the four sections of IELTS, or grade A in each of the four sections of OET