New MBA online program | Brock School of Business

New MBA Online Program Available this Fall

Brock School of Business will be offering an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) program online this coming fall semester.

Samford University currently offers several graduate programs online. These include:
  • Master’s in nursing
  • Master’s in education
  • Doctorate in educational leadership, a blended online program

MBA online programs growing in popularity

A recent survey carried out by the university among its alumni in relation to potential graduate programs online received over 200 interested responses from those interested in pursuing a graduate business degree. Taking business classes online it seems is a popular option for students as geographical limitations are no longer an issue.

The university’s new MBA online courses concentrate on maintaining integral aspects of the business culture requiring dedication to work and interpersonal relationship skills. The MBA online aims to maintain the same quality of product that previous students have enjoyed during the past 40 years since the MBA course was launched.

Developing MBA course for online delivery

An essential aspect of transforming traditional MBA courses to be offered as an MBA online is the need to maintain the highest quality in terms of the learning experience for participants. With this in mind, the business school recently held training sessions dealing with the development of online material for professors attached to the school.

One of the challenges of MBA online programs is the lack of personal interaction and the fact that direct access to help from a professor is not as easily available as in traditional classroom based courses. However, online learning environments do offer several opportunities for students to take part in live chat sessions.

One of the business school’s marketing professors, who has been involved in the creation of online programs at both undergraduate and graduate level commented that both the quantity and quality of student participation in online programs has increased. Some participants seem to be more comfortable opening up and expressing themselves online as opposed to in a traditional setting. There is also more time available for students to research and form their responses to questions the professor might pose.

Wider reach for new MBA online program

Brock School of Business aims to deliver high-quality education through their MBA online to an even greater variety of students. This new MBA online program is a significant extension of the opportunities for graduate education offered by the school and this method of delivery provides an excellent opportunity for members of faculty to extend their influence into a wider market of potential MBA students.