Improve your IELTS Reading score with speed reading

Improve your IELTS score with 7 Speed Reading 2014 and

If you want to improve your IELTS score then check out the latest resources to help you. This week, eReflect, the company which developed the successful Speed ReadingTM software, announced a joint venture with

The partnership will make IELTS exam practice material available to IELTS test takers so you can practice for the test. The mission of both companies is to help you, the individual, become successful in your professional goals through advancing knowledge and driving forward learning.
The IELTS test is internationally recognized and thousands of students and professionals take the test every year all over the world. The IELTS test is frequently a requirement for entrance to university courses in English-speaking countries such as the US, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as other countries.

The IELTS test is very important for academic and professional progress for many people studying English as a second language all over the world, so both 7 Speed ReadingTM and plan to provide you with targeted material to practice for the IELTS test. You will also find useful tips for the IELTS test and learn how to do extremely well in the test and achieve a high IELTS band score. On the site you can find a wide range of IELTS practice material for listening, reading, writing, and speaking, which covers all the important aspects of IELTS grammar, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

eReflect, the company which developed 7 Speed ReadingTM are very excited about the project and anticipates that the number of people accessing and using the material will grow dramatically in the next few months. You can find a special page on where you can download a variety of FREE IELTS practice material.

Using speed reading techniques in your IELTS test can help boost your IELTS Reading score. Speed reading is effective and efficient and can give you more time to think about your answers in the Reading section of the IELTS test. Try some of the techniques explained in 7 Speed ReadingTM yourself and feel the difference!

7 Speed ReadingTM is special software which gives you better results through the latest technology it uses as part of its design. It includes several different strategies to help you learn speed reading techniques, different software activities, video tutorials and you can track your progress. Learn to read three times faster! Improve your memory and also reading comprehension skills for the IELTS test!


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