Study Abroad Europe Programs and Scholarships

Study Abroad Europe aims to double US students studying abroad

That is the objective of Study Abroad Europe – to grow the number of US students studying abroad before the end of 2019. Study Abroad Europe has joined with the Institute of International Education joint venture as part of their strategy and also plan to enhance the diverse mix of students who study abroad through their offer of scholarships and programs of financial aid.

As part of the Generation Study Abroad project, initiated by the Institute of International Education, Study Abroad Europe aims to dramatically increase the number of students from the USA studying abroad before the end of 2019. There is also a focus on growing the diversity of those studying abroad as well as eliminating barriers to potential participants. Study Abroad Europe has made a commitment to increase by 50 % over a five-year period the level of student participation from families which are economically disadvantaged or represent minority groups.

Study Abroad Scholarships

In order to help promote this plan, Study Abroad Europe has provided over $100,000 in Generation Study Abroad Scholarships for those students participating in Study Abroad Europe programs, either semester or summer-based. This is just one part of Study Abroad Europe’s overall strategy to offer assistance to hundreds of students so that they have the opportunity to take advantage of international educational experiences before graduating, readying them for successful future careers.

Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad consists of 308 partner organizations so far. Among these are: 241 colleges and universities in the USA; 9 non-US-based institutions; 13 educational associations; 34 organizations dedicated to study abroad; 11 government entities (US and foreign) which include the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Acknowledging the need to develop a workforce with an international focus, IIE is also keen to encourage corporations and the business community to be involved in their plans.

Study Abroad Europe believes that the experience gained from studying abroad not only improves a student’s overall educational level but also enhances their global outlook and awareness. Through its Study Abroad Europe program, which offers more than 50 different study options, partnering mainly with small schools in nine different countries within Europe, it creates unique possibilities for students to become immersed in the local culture and everyday life of the country they choose to study in.

Employers Look for Global Experience

The way in which the world now works is constantly changing as a consequence of globalization and the international experience of studying abroad equips students well for their future careers as employers continue to favor international skills and experience.

The Generation Study Abroad initiative aims to connect with educators and stakeholders at all levels in both public and private sectors to create opportunities and take ground-breaking action to meet the target of increasing the opportunities for U.S. students to obtain international experience by way of academic study abroad, internships, in-service learning and also non-credit educational options.

Study Abroad Europe Programs

Study Abroad Europe offers study abroad programs in the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece and Morocco. These programs typically include:
  • Accommodation
  • meals
  • transportation
  • insurance
  • weekend activities
  • cultural excursions