Learn English Vietnam | new website helps English learning in Vietnam

Vietnamese English learners get boost from new English learning website

ETS (Educational Testing Service) are the backers of a new website aimed at learning English in Vietnam. The site provides English courses online and is a response to the demand for learning English by Vietnamese students.

Elearning, the name of the new site, is a joint project between Tuoi Tre (Youth) and IIG Vietnam who are the officially authorized representatives of ETS in Vietnam.

Among the different services and products available on the new site is EDO (English Discoveries Online) which is a wide-ranging, technological, English learning solution that ETS designed specially. Students, institutions and local businesses can take advantage of the different combination of blended- and distance-learning models available on the site.

Tried-and-tested pedagogical methodology is combined with technology-based interactive learning to create a unique environment to help English learners succeed in language acquisition. The Elearning site also includes ETS-designed resources for students interested in ESP (English for Special Purposes), TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication).

Students can also access English lessons and learning tips to help their progress as well as ask questions and get answers from language experts through the site.

The site should help the many English learners in Vietnam who have difficulty learning or improving their English, either for economic reasons or because there are no suitable English learning institutions where they live.

Now, thanks to partnering with the international organization ETS, Vietnamese students can access a standardized English language learning program from anywhere, at any time to learn and improve their English language skills.
Prices for the English courses on the site range from VND590,000 for three months to VND1.18 million for 12 months.