TOEFL Preparation Course | 4 Essential Tips

Do you need to prepare for the TOEFL exam?

Here are 4 simple tips to help you start preparing for the TOEFL test:

    1. Learn the format of the TOEFL test yourself: You will find the TOEFL test easier if you are very familiar with each of the sections, the type of questions asked, and the time allowed to complete each section. If you are comfortable with the format of the test, then you will be able to concentrate more on the content of the test – this will improve your TOEFL score.

    2. Improve your vocabulary: By reading an English news article every day. You can do this with a newspaper or use online news articles on the internet. This will quickly help you to improve your English vocabulary and develop better reading and comprehension skills which will also help improve your TOEFL score.
    3. Listen to news on the radio every day: Thirty minutes to an hour of listening practice in English will help develop your listening, concentration and comprehension skills for the TOEFL test.
    4. Read a report: Practice reading reports, journals or term papers. You can find these in the library or on the internet. Daily reading practice will help develop your ability to skim and scan for information quickly, improve your vocabulary, level of concentration, and reading comprehension skills for the TOEFL test.

I need help with my TOEFL test!

Many English learners preparing for the TOEFL test participate in a TOEFL preparation course. These courses are available either at local educational centers and universities and also online through the internet.

How do I choose TOEFL preparation classes?

A high quality TOEFL preparation course will assist you in developing key language and TOEFL test skills in the writing, listening, reading and speaking. In addition you should expect to see some or all of the following elements in an effective and good quality TOEFL course:
  • Course duration of 8 weeks approximately
  • Learning program consisting of 2 - 4 hours of class/tutor based work per week.
  • Provide an overview and in-depth analysis of the TOEFL test format
  • Instruction on how to efficiently prepare for the TOEFL test and the skills that the test measures
  • Detailed analysis of the four sections in the TOEFL test and the evaluation criteria for each section
  • Development of TOEFL test strategies so you can answer all the different question types in each section
  • Enhancement of your overall TOEFL test-taking skills to improve your score
  • Identification and demonstration of methods for improving your English listening comprehension skills
  • Provide various TOEFL practice tests (with feedback on your performance) in order to assess your performance and progress

Obviously you will expect the TOEFL preparation course you choose to be delivered by qualified professional professors or instructors and to include engaging and dynamic content. A good quality TOEFL preparation guide such as Barron’s TOEFL iBT is also an excellent idea for additional practice material and information about TOEFL test strategies.