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Do you need to improve your English?

Planet FM104.6, a New Zealand based community radio station, is hosting a series of radio programs presented by Adon Kumar, a linguist and English teacher aimed at improving the English of migrants and others who need to become more effective communicators.

Download free English lessons

English for Migrants (the name of the radio program) is broadcast on Sunday mornings at 11:20am. But the good news is that the programs are also available through the website Just enter ‘English for migrants’ in the search bar and you will see the selection of all previous English lessons broadcast. You can even download each English lesson in MP3 format to listen to at your leisure.

The free English lessons can help you improve your English communication skills for general, work-related and social situations, employment interviews as well as improving your writing skills for tests such as IELTS.

English lessons based on practical experience

Mr. Kumar, who presents the free English lessons, understands the problems many migrants can experience if they are not fully proficient at communicating in English. The lessons deal with everyday situations and introduce listeners to some of the local expressions which are common.

The free English lessons, which are 30 minutes long, include help and tips on speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing English grammar and vocabulary. Mr. Kumar is an experienced English teacher who has a BA in English along with an MA in Applied Linguistics. He is also TESOL certified through Trinity College, London to teach English.