How to Answer IELTS Speaking Test Questions

IELTS speaking test questions and answers

Here are some tips about how to answer IELTS speaking test questions. Try to think of examples, reasons, and details when you are thinking about your answers.

Part 1 Questions

Are you working or studying?

  • I am working/studying
  • I am a [student/ name of job]
  • I am [doing both / working and studying] at the moment / this year / presently / currently

Do you enjoy the job? Why?

  • Yes, I do / No, I don't.
  • I like it sometimes, but at other times It's boring.
  • Sometimes it's good, but not always.
  • Generally I like it but it can be difficult at times.
  • Yes, it's a great job, I love it and feel very lucky to have it.
  • No I absolutley hate it, but I need the money for my family, but I'm looking for another job at the moment.

Now answer the 'why?' part of the question

  • Because it's an interesting job.
  • Because it's challenging work.
  • The people I work with are great [give examples]They're friendly, they're enthusiastic, they're really supportive ...
  • It's an excellent company to work for and the benefits [give details of benefits] are really good.
  • It's good because there are many [opportunities/advantages/challenges, etc.]
  • Because it's boring/uninteresting/unchallenging/repetitive/predictable
  • Because there are no [opportunities/challenges/benefits, etc.]
  • Because the boss / my boss is [describe positive/negative aspects of boss]

Part 2 IELTS Topic Question

Describe a neighbor that you know well.

You should say:
    Who is he/she?
  • How did you meet him/her?
  • How long have you known him/her/them?
  • Why do you like him/her/them?


The question says neighbor [singluar] but if your neighbors are a couple or a family and you are friendly with both the man and woman then it's okay to talk about 'them' as a couple.

I'd like to talk about my neighbor who lives in the [apartment above me / apartment below me / house next to me / a few doors along from me / same street as me / across the street from me]

Describe him/her/the family ...
  • he's in his twenties/thirties/forties, they're a young family, they're a retired couple, etc.
  • she's about twenty / thirty something years old
  • they're a family of four / five
  • there is the mom and dad and [number] children

describe how you met ...
  • I first met [name of neighbor] when we moved into the steet where we live.
  • I met him/her when they moved into the street where we live.
  • I first met him/her at school/university.
  • We met accidentally one day while we were playing in the street when we were kids.
  • Our parents introduced us...
  • I can't really remember the first time ... we've known each other since we were children.
  • We grew up together in the same street, so we've always known each other.

Describe why you like him/her/them...
  • I like him/her/them because [give reasons]
  • He's/she's/they're funny/interesting/always happy/a good friend/good friends...


Maybe you think it's okay to say you don't like your neighbor, but then the question is awkward because it asks about a neighbor you know well - and you wouldn't normally know someone well if you don't like them. You can answer negatively, but be prepared to explain why to the examiner.

Part 3 Questions

Why do we need neighbors?

It's common for peope to have neighbors, and it can sometimes be nice if you get along with them, but I don't think we need them, as in being essential. Lots of people complain about their neighbors, so maybe it's not always a positive thing.

Try to think of reasons why people need neighbors ...
  • They can be helpful...
  • They can be friends/social acquaintances...
  • They might help look after your children/dog/pet/house if you go out...

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having neighbors?

Sure, some neighbors are not so good, not desirable some people would say. Maybe they make a lot of noise or have a dog that barks or something like that. I guess it could be an advantage if you have nice neighbors who could maybe help you with things sometimes or watch over your home if you're away.

How often do you meet them?

I normally see them coming and going every day, but we usually just say hi or bye as we pass each other. During the summer months we usually share a BBQ or a picnic a couple of times with them, but we're not really good friends with them.

Do you meet them during special occasions such as the New Year?

Yes, sometimes. They are older than my parents, and they travel quite frequently abroad to visit their son who lives in the USA, so they aren't always home at Christmas and New Year.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of having social groups in neighborhoods?

I think sometimes groups can help solve problems or they can provide a way for different neighbors to meet each other and maybe socialize. They could also offer support for people living on their own, because not everyone lives with their family.