Learn English Vocabulary Video | Environmentally friendly smart cars

Learn English Vocabulary Video | How 'green cars' will help the environment

Watch, listen and read about how environmentally friendly cars will help reduce pollution and are the smart choice for the future.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Lauren Fix, the car coach, with Howdini.com for the Green Guide.

Hybrids are all the rage these days for those who want to be environmentally conscious but today hybrids are one of several choices to consider for greening your ride.

So, who is a hybrid best for? Those people that live in large cities, who sit in rush hour traffic, or if you use the drive through a lot or you spend a lot of time outside your kid’s soccer games waiting for them to finish their game.

Another green choice is diesel – clean burning diesel. As of September 2008 we’ll have available in all 50 states clean burning diesel cars and trucks. This is great for the environment because it is clean burning and it is also good for fuel efficiency because diesel vehicles get 30% better fuel economy. That makes a big difference and it’s smarter for the environment as well.

You’ll be seeing those in Mercedes, BMW, Audio and VW and you’ll be able to bring in used vehicles from other states to New York and California.

In 2010 electric vehicles will become available that means no gasoline at all. It’ll be available on select models such as the Chevy Volt. This’ll be a great choice for those people who live in the city who have a lot of stop and go driving and spend a lot of time idling.

Finally, there are some fuel efficient cars out there that get better gas mileage than you might expect, for example, in the 30 mile per gallon range you’ve got the Mini Cooper as well as the Kia Rio – when you jump up to that 40 mile per gallon range, you’ve got the Smartcar as well as the Toyota Yaris – the secret  to all of this is to do your homework on the internet before you go shopping.

I’m Lauren Fix, the car coach, with Howdini.com for the Green Guide.