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Learn English Online with New Category Conquest App

English Learning App – A Fusion of Gaming and Learning

English Bubble has released its latest app Category Conquest for Android and iOS. The app promises an addictive gaming experiencing for users while at the same time allowing them to learn English.

The Category Conquest app is aimed at EFL learners who want to enhance their vocabulary and includes different fun categories of vocabulary, for example, ‘summer’ and ‘jungle’ whoch learners conquer through participating in action-based games while learning the vocabulary in each category.

The design principle behind the app is to provide an addictive gaming experience so that learners will be hooked on the challenge of the games and progressing through the levels of difficulty as they learn and retain more and more vocabulary in their long term memory. Typical games involve skills such as firing at ducks and hurling stones and tasks become more difficulty as players progress through each game.

English Bubble’s Head of Learning, Robert Hanley says the app uses word-image association in order to help learners acquire new vocabulary. Conventional methods of learning vocabulary normally involve word lists or maybe flashcards but we decided it would be more fun to shoot ducks!

However, it’s not just all fun, the fusion of gaming and learning means that while the app is as much fun a others like Candy Crush or Angry Birds learners are acquiring new vocabulary as they play and enhancing their language skills. The Category Conquest app builds on the intense concentratiin players have while engaged with such apps and adds learning into the mix also to take advantage of players being so focused while playing.

Category Conquest builds upo the success of English Bubble’s first vocabulary learning product, Word Bucket, which was launched in 2013 and now has users in more than 140 countries all over the world. This new app, Category Conquest, clearly demonstrates the direction of company and possibly others in the language learning market – offering a gaming experience with learning objectives based around vocabulary, traditionally an area of foreign language difficult to teach in an engaging way.

English learners all over the world can access Category Conquest for Android and iOS and take advantage of initial free categories and plays to get started. There are 50 vocabulary items in each category for learners to ‘conquer’ with the top level ‘Elite’ being the most challenging. English Bubble say there will be more to come later, not just categories but also mini-games which will be included

Download Category Conquest: Apple App Store Google Play

English Bubble was founded in 2012, and is registered in Ireland. It is run by a team of international linguists, designers and game developers. They focus on producing personal, language learning apps for learners of all ages around the world. You can follow English Bubble on Facebook or Twitter at @englishbubble.

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