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The IELTS Masterclass student book and audio pack offer IELTS candidates a wealth of preparation material for both IELTS skills and IELTS exam practice.

It is ideal for candidates wanting to achieve a high score in the IELTS exam.

IELTS Academic Masterclass and audio pack provide a comprehensive preparation course based on 14 units dealing with common IELTS topics.

This IELTS exam practice book presents candidates with an opportunity to fully understand in-depth the structure of the IELTS exam and develop their knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary at the same time as learning essential IELTS exam skills in order to maximize their performance in the IELTS exam.

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IELTS Academic Masterclass

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IELTS Academic Listening Skills

The listening tutorials present an overview of the IELTS listening section as well as tips and techniques for dealing with the different types of IELTS listening questions such as:

  • short answer questions and sentence completion
  • multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions
  • short answer questions
  • flow chart and summary completion
  • note completion and short answer questions
  • note completion and multiple-answer questions
  • sentence completion
  • and note and table completion
  • note and form completion
  • note and sentence completion
  • matching lists and classification
  • labeling a diagram and note completion
  • multiple-choice questions and labeling a map

IELTS Masterclass | Writing skills

The writing section covers all the different aspects of the Academic IELTS writing test and presents information, examples and practice exercises to help candidates develop the following IELTS writing skills:

IELTS Writing Task 1

  • accurate description
  • selecting main features
  • comparing data
  • describing figures
  • sequencing
  • organizing information
  • organizing a description
  • describing trends

IELTS Writing Task 2

  • taking a view and developing it
  • organizing ideas
  • expressions for organizing ideas
  • introductions
  • supporting ideas
  • academic writing style
  • common errors
  • punctuation
  • arguments and hypothesis
  • revision of planning

IELTS Masterclass | Speaking skills

A thorough framework of the IELTS speaking test is presented along with many exercises to help candidates develop the necessary IELTS speaking skills to perform well in the IELTS exam.

IELTS speaking skills

  • describing your origins
  • familiar discussion
  • speaking from notes
  • extended speaking
  • giving reasons
  • topic discussion
  • getting started
  • describing an occupation
  • personal reactions
  • advantages and disadvantages
  • giving a presentation
  • expressing opinions
  • describing interests
  • describing objects
  • changes over time

IELTS Masterclass | Reading skills

The reading section shows IELTS candidates what is required in order to understand the various different types of Academic IELTS reading questions. Plenty of practice exercises are provided so that candidates become familiar with different question types and the following skills.

IELTS Reading skills

  • reading for gist
  • unfamiliar vocabulary
  • paragraph summaries
  • text structure
  • finding evidence
  • style
  • text structure
  • using question stems
  • key words
  • scanning
  • identifying opinions
  • description schemes
  • making notes
  • word formation
  • finding specific information
  • text organization

IELTS Exam Practice

  • short answer questions
  • sentence and summary completion
  • Yes/No/Not Given
  • multiple-choice questions
  • global multiple choice
  • matching
  • sentence completion
  • labeling a diagram
  • multiple-answer questions
  • matching headings
  • table completion
  • locating information
  • classifying statements
  • summary completion
  • classification
  • True/False/Not Given