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IELTS speaking topics with answers

Looking for IELTS speaking topics with answers? On this site you’ll find lots of different IELTS speaking topics with answers provided to help you get ideas about how you can answer IELTS speaking topics with answers that contain topic-specific vocabulary and colloquial expressions used by native English speakers.

All the example IELTS speaking test answers provided here are provided by native English speakers who have experience of the IELTS exam, so they know the format of the exam and what is expected in each section. The different IELTS speaking topics with answers are reported from around the world by IELTS test takers which are then answered by native English speakers.

How to get IELTS Band 7.0

There is no easy way to get a good score in the IELTS speaking test. Either your English speaking skills are good enough to get a band 7.0 or band 8.0 – or they aren’t, and you need to practice more.

There is no - quick fix – or cheat to improve your speaking ability in just a few days. But the good news is – that if you consistently practice speaking in English and especially focus on the skills needed to perform well in the IELTS speaking test to get a good IELTS speaking score – then you will see an improvement quite quickly.

IELTS Speaking Tips

Here are just a few tips to help you get started preparing for the IELTS speaking test:
  • Become familiar with the time allowed for each of the three speaking sections.
  • For Part 2 (Cue Card Topic) practice until you can speak for 2 minutes on any topic. You’ll find lots of different topics on this site, and others, to practice with.
  • The third section of the IELTS speaking test is the best opportunity for you to show your English speaking ability – learn expressions to compare, suggest and hypothesize about solutions to problems, and be able to use conditional structures so that you can deal with any IELTS speaking topics with answers that demonstrate a strong command of English.

Good luck with your IELTS speaking test!