Intensive English Program | How to Choose the Best Intensive English Language Program

How to choose the right Intensive English language program

There are many schools, colleges and universities which offer Intensive English language programs in the USA. To make sure you choose the best Intensive English Program for your needs and circumstances you need to do some research before making your final decision about which Intensive English Course to choose.

It’s a good idea to do your research and plan about six months before you want to attend any intensive English courses.

How to search for an intensive English program

Find out if there is a Fullbright Office where you live, or in a city close to you, or a U.S. Advising Center. These places typically have many resources about intensive English programs in the USA, and information on undergraduate and postgraduate courses available. You should be able to access current information, promotional intensive English program videos, information seminars and similar resources.

Internet search

A quick search on the internet for intensive English programs or intensive English classes will provide you with a hundreds of results. So how can you narrow down the choice? Use the factors below as a filter to reduce the number of search results:
  • Geographical location
  • Private language school or university English course
  • Size of English classes
  • Size of school/college/university
  • Cost of intensive English program
  • Living arrangements (accommodation) available

NOTE: In the USA, college means the same as university, so don’t worry about them being different, they are the same.

Accommodation / Housing

The location of an intensive English program is important because it could be in a small town or a large city, so the environment will be different, and the cost might vary also.

Where the school or college is located will also affect things like the weather, the cost of living while you are studying, and how good the public transport is. Where the intensive English program is located will also affect how easy (or difficult) it is to find suitable accommodation/housing for your stay there.

Typical accommodation choices include:
  • Living on campus (at the university/school)
  • Living off campus (in a dormitory or apartment)
  • Homestay accommodation (living with a local family)

When you are considering accommodation, you should thing about practical aspects such as how convenient will it be to shop for groceries (food) and facilities for doing laundry (washing your clothes).

When you have maybe five or more possible intensive English language course options, you should request all the necessary information from the schools/colleges either via their websites or by email or phone depending in the instructions they give.

How to choose the best Intensive English Program

When you have all the essential information about each intensive English program, location, costs, housing, class sizes and course content, think carefully about what factors are most important to you.

Try to narrow the choice down to three possible options.

Then, apply to enroll in these three intensive English programs. Send all the necessary documentation they ask for. You will normally be required to show that you can support yourself financially for the duration of your stay in the USA, whether it is for three months, six months or twelve months. This will mean providing documentary proof of sufficient funds in your bank account typically. Check the exact application requirements for each intensive English program you apply for.

If you are accepted for an intensive English program, you normally receive an admission letter and the school or college will normally send you the necessary immigration forms for entry to the USA as student.

The final step will be making an appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate to attend an interview in order to obtain your student visa.

You will then be ready to make your travel arrangements and look forward to enjoying your experience studying in an intensive English program abroad.