Studying in the UK | How Brexit Affects Overeas Students

Studying Abroad – Student Reaction to Brexit Referendum in UK

A recent poll suggests that students might be less likely to consider the UK as a top study abroad destination following the recent Brexit referendum result.

The results of the survey, carried out by Hobsons, showed that out of a total of 1,014 students from overseas, 875 (34%) of them who are not already enrolled in a university abroad felt that they would be less likely to choose the UK as a study abroad destination now that the UK has opted to no longer be a member of the European Union. Notably, 7% of the students (from inside and outside the EU) felt that they would definitely not choose to study in the UK now because of the Brexit referendum result.

Those that felt they would not choose a UK university commented that they felt the UK was not as welcoming to overseas students now as it was in the past. There were also concerns regarding the difficulty of obtaining a student visa for the UK, in light of recent policy changes. Another concern mentioned was that work options for overseas students post-study were not as good now as in the past; again, mainly as a result of changes in policy regarding immigration and overseas students.

UK still attractive for some overseas students

It’s not all bad news though, as a solid 51% of all students not yet registered with a university for the coming academic semester said that the Brexit referendum result would not influence their choice of where to study abroad. Around 8% of students said that they would definitely still want to study at a UK university.

One of the main reasons the UK was still popular for around 46% of the overseas students surveyed was the fact the recently weakened British pound, as a result of the Brexit leave decision, has made a UK university degree more affordable for some students.

Alternative study abroad options

Students who participated in the survey were also asked about attractive alternatives to studying in the UK. Among the top choices were the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; and within Europe, France, Germany and Italy were also popular as study destinations.