Speaking Cue Card Download

Speaking Cue Card Download

IELTS Part 2 speaking questions are in the form of a speaking cue card on a particular topic. There is usually a topic statement, and three bullet points related to the topic which indicate the information you should include in your answer.

You have to talk about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes. TIP: try to speak for as long as you can, and definitely longer than just 1 minute. If you get stuck or get nervous, start again and keep on going. If you don’t speak for at least 1 minute then your IELTS speaking score could be adversely affected because your answer is too short.

The best target is to talk for about 2 minutes – it’s not that difficult if you do enough practice before the day of the IELTS speaking test. The more practice you do the more confident you will become at speaking English and speaking for 2 minutes will eventually seem easy! Speaking for longer also shows the examiner you are able to talk at length about a topic – that is the whole idea of the cue card question.

The examiner will give you instruction for Part 2 – he/she will hand you the cue card and explain that you have 1 minute in which you can plan your response. The examiner will also hand you a sheet of paper and a pencil which you can use to make notes about what you want to include in your answer.

TIP: make notes – don’t start writing your answer – there isn’t enough time. Just make bulleted points to remind yourself of examples, vocabulary, and important information you want to include in your answer.

When it’s time to start speaking – the examiner will ask you to start.

TIP: You may feel a bit nervous – it’s normal – but try to avoid long silences while you think about what to say. A natural pause now and again, to collect and organize your thoughts is natural and okay, but don’t pause too long. When the time limit for the cue card has passed (2 minutes) the examiner will inform you and ask you to hand back the cue card, sheet of paper and pencil.

Don’t get worried if you are still speaking when the examiner tells you the time is up – it’s probably a good sign if you’re still talking about the topic after 2 minutes has passed.

The speaking cue card download has examples of cue cards used in the IELTS speaking test. You can use these cue card samples to practice. Try practicing with a partner – one of you be the examiner and the other respond to the cue card. Try to develop your ability to speak for 2 minutes on the various topics – this will boost your confidence.

TIP: record yourself speaking your responses to the examples in the speaking cue card download and then listen to your responses, analyse your performance, and identify areas in which you think you can improve – and continue practicing.

Speaking Cue Card Download

Good luck with your IELTS test!