Useful Phrases for IELTS PDF Download

Useful Phrases for IELTS PDF

It’s always handy to have some useful phrases you can fall back on / count on / have in reserve / use as a safety net in case you get stuck or extremely nervous in the IELTS speaking test.

There’s nothing worse than freezing up in front of the examiner when you should be focusing on describing something or providing details in response to one of the IELTS speaking questions you have been asked.

The good news is that there are a few simple phrases in English, which you can quickly learn, and use to get out of trouble or avoid such problems – using one of these phrases can be enough to give yourself a second to think about what you’re going to say next or indicate to the examiner that you are aware of something, before continuing.

This can mean the difference between a long silence (not a good thing) – and a simple pause (which is okay) before continuing speaking again.

With a little practice you’ll be able to identify the situations when you can use these useful phrases and feel more confident, and show the examiner that you are in control of the situation even if you are unsure of what to say next, or can’t remember something, or are unsure about how to describe something in English.

Remember, it’s important to keep talking in the IELTS speaking test, you don’t get long to impress the examiner with your English so avoiding long pauses and long periods of silence while thinking is essential.

It will make the speaking interview seem more natural and less strained – and this will leave a better impression of your performance on the examiner when he/she evaluates your speaking.

Good luck with your IELTS test!