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If you are preparing for the IELTS Academic test you need to do plenty of preparation and practice before taking the real IELTS test.

You should try at least three or four full practice tests before your IELTS test date. This will ensure that you are familiar with all sections of the test and the types of IELTS questions you will encounter.

Use practice IELTS tests to develop time management skills

It will also give you the opportunity to master your time management skills for each section of the four parts in the test. Time management in IELTS is critical. The questions are not so difficult, but the quantity of tasks you are asked to complete within the time limit can make it challenging to stay focused and be accurate and effective in the test.

Using IELTS practice tests, or mock IELTS tests, is an ideal way to prepare yourself for the real thing. You should try and do IELTS practice tests under test conditions - time yourself for each section and do not take breaks. This will help develop your endurance and accuracy under pressure, as well as your IELTS test taking skills.

Use practice IELTS tests to check your progress

If you are just beginning your IELTS preparation, try this Academic IELTS practice test for FREE and review your performance. Your initial score will be a benchmark against which you can measure your progress as you learn more about the test and develop better IELTS skills.

You can also use this free IELTS practice test at any time during your IELTS preparation to check your progress - simply register to access the IELTS test.

Good luck with your IELTS!