Academic Writing | Describing Data in Charts & Graphs

This is an example of an academic writing test Task 1 question for the IELTS test. You are asked to summarize or report information in a graph and chart (Time limit: 20 minutes).

Academic Writing - Describing information in a graph & chart

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The graph and bar chart provide information regarding two distinct coffee consumption metrics: the five countries which consumed the most coffee in total, and those which consumed the largest quantity of coffee per person, in the year 2013.

In terms of consumption per person, Finland had the highest coffee consumption at 9.6 Kgs per person in 2013. In contrast, the level of consumption in Austria was only 5.5 Kgs per person; however, still sufficient to be included in the top five countries for coffee consumption.

In terms of overall coffee consumption, the pie chart clearly shows that although the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy and France consume greater quantities of coffee as countries than those with higher per capita consumption. The USA and Brazil consume an almost equal volume of coffee; around 970 tonnes per year, while Italy and France consume much less; a little over 200 tonnes each per year.

Overall the distinction between coffee consumption on a national basis and coffee consumption per person of population can be clearly seen, as in spite of being the greatest consumer of coffee overall, Americans actually consume less coffee per person than the Finns do.

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