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CELTA for Teachers

The certificate CELTA of Cambridge is (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a diploma indicated for those who want to acquire the practical and theoretical tools necessary to be able to teach English as a foreign language.

Currently, it is the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) program with the most international prestige.

Study Travel offers courses to obtain the CELTA diploma in Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin. There is also an option to obtain the CELTA diploma in Spain.

Who is CELTA for?

The CELTA program is designed for people who want to teach English to adults anywhere in the world. It is a course designed for a large number of profiles such as the following:
  • People who do not have previous teaching experience
  • People who have little experience but need to acquire more didactic skills
  • People who have experience teaching English as a foreign language, but who need to refresh their knowledge and acquire new teaching tools.
In all cases, it is necessary to have a C1 or C2 level to be able to participate in a CELTA course.

What do you learn by doing a CELTA course?

Become aware of the language and its structure to be able to explain it clearly and use it correctly in professional practice.

Know and understand the motivations that lead students to learn English and, with it, the necessary techniques to teach them correctly.

Acquire the essential teaching tools of teaching English as a foreign language

Know the materials and resources available to teach English

Know what job opportunities you have as a teacher.

What is the program of a CELTA course?

The short-term program (4-6 weeks) is divided into the following five blocks:
  • Educators and students, and the context of teaching and learning:
  • Language analysis
  • Language skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading
  • Class planning and resources available for this purpose
  • Acquisition of teaching skills and the professional role of the teacher.

Apart from the theoretical classes, the candidates have to attend 8 hours as an observer with experienced teachers and carry out all the tasks, exercises and work related to the teaching practice. In the end, the program must be completed with a minimum of 6 hours of teaching at different levels.

How is CELTA evaluated?

The CELTA program is not evaluated through a final exam. The candidate will be evaluated throughout the course by his teacher-tutor. The evaluation will be based on two fundamental aspects:
  • Teaching practice: the candidate will teach at least 6 hours of class at all levels. Your performance in class will be decisive to obtain the certificate.
  • Written works: candidates must complete 4 tasks focused on didactic and linguistic aspects.

How is the CELTA exam scored?

After completing the course and practical sessions, the participant will receive a certificate with an official report on their performance. There are three degrees:

  • A Pass: this qualification is awarded to students who have successfully developed in the practical teaching sessions and have delivered the written work that meets the criteria requested.

  • A Pass Grade B: students who have completed written work according to the criteria requested and who have done practical sessions with a high degree of satisfaction receive this certificate.

  • A Pass Grade A: this certificate is received by students who have completed written work according to the criteria requested and have developed practical sessions with great success, demonstrating great planning and responsiveness.

  • Where to take a CELTA preparation course?

    We offer courses to obtain the CELTA diploma in Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin (info@studytravel.es).