English for Writing Research Papers

If you are writing an academic research paper, then you will need certain specific writing skills. You will also need to consider planning and preparation of your paper. It is also useful if you can create a template and know in which order you will place the different sections.

The writing style and structure you use will be very important, and this is often set by your field of research or the journal in which you wish to publish.

You will also want to be able to clearly highlight the key findings of your research and make your writing easy to understand for the reader.

It is not only the readers though that you must satisfy. You must also write with other scholars in mind, the academics who will scrutinize your research paper and decide whether or not it should be published, or those responsible for grading it.

Good academic writing is based upon a strong language foundation. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge of basic word order when you are composing sentences (subject + verb + object + indirect object) and be able to construct your sentences in the most logical and reader-friendly manner (word order)


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