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SAT Tutoring

This SAT tutoring guide will provide all the help you need for success in the SAT.
  • In-depth instruction
  • Reviews of each test topic
  • Strategies and tips for different types of questions

You can use this SAT tutoring guide to boost your confidence in taking the SAT.
  • Learn how to make a personal SAT action plan
  • Optimize your SAT preparation time
  • SAT structure: learn about question types, how many questions per section, and time limits

Also included, the essential SAT guide to test day: 40 top SAT strategies to use when doing the SAT, and, how your calculator can help you – 5 top SAT tips for calculators.

Learn how to make the most of free SAT practice tests online to extend your SAT prep test-taking skills.

Do you want a dramatic increase in your SAT score?

This book will help you. It uses techniques compiled based on what works best in SAT prep to help develop and enhance your reasoning skills for the SAT.

This SAT tutoring guide provides plenty of SAT practice material and insights into how to improve your score in the SAT. Learn exactly what you need to know for the SAT exam and practice for the SAT using full-length authentic SATs.

Four-step SAT program

1. SAT structure - Learn about the structure and content of the SAT and the skills you will need to score well. Learn essential SAT test-taking skills and strategies.

2. SAT diagnostic test - Use the special SAT diagnostic test under timed test conditions, and together with the answer key you can evaluate your current SAT performance.
You can also read the explanations for each answer so that you can learn how to approach each question type.

3. Study each SAT lesson and highlight important ideas and information.
Make sure you have understood the content of each lesson by attempting the practice test accompanying each set of exercises. Make sure to read the explanation for each answer to increase your knowledge of SAT requirements, and learn the most efficient method for answering each question type.

4. Use the SAT practice tests until you attain the SAT score you require.

Good luck with your SAT prep!

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