Study Abroad

Most Popular Countries for Study Abroad

Studying abroad has never been more popular than at the moment. It can change your life and improve future career options. Trying to choose the best study abroad destination is a tough decision because there are many great options.  Here is a guide to the most popular study abroad destinations.

1. The United Kingdom tops the list of best study abroad destinations. The UK has a long history of academic achievement and its reputation is excellent worldwide. There are many top class universities throughout the UK in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. however, London remains one of the firm favorites with international students.

2. Canada offers a lot of diversity its culture and architecture. Its colossal geographical size of around 10 million square kilometers means that students are sure to find many study abroad destinations that they like. Canadian universities are world class and also offer the possibility of studying courses in either the English or French language for variety. The downside - it has one of the coldest climates!

3. Australia is a perennial favorite among the best study abroad destinations, with around fifty excellent universities available for international students to choose from. The chance to work while studying is important for some students, in order to help finance their stay in the country. In Australia this not a problem as students are allowed to work part-time. It is very popular with English speaking and Asian students. It has a large international student population in most of the major cities such as Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

4. The Netherlands is a country which offers multicultural diversity, and 12 of the world's top universities to choose from are located here. Higher education receives substantial subsidies from the government in the Netherlands so it can be financially attractive for international students on a tight budget but looking for quality education in one of the best study abroad destinations. Amsterdam is probably the most famous and well known city, but the country's geographical location also makes it very easy for students to travel and visit many other European countries while studying there.

5. Singapore is a small country, however, its education system, which is British based, is widely regarded as excellent at international level and it keeps on improving and becoming more popular each year. Tuition grants offered for accepted international students eliminate a lot of the financial strain associated with studying abroad. In fact this is one of the main reasons why Singapore has been climbing the leader board of best study abroad destinations over the last few years.