How to improve your IELTS writing score | Describing your opinion

How To Boost Your IELTS Writing Score:

You can improve your IELTS Writing test score and pass your IELTS test by remembering just one thing.

To get a high score in the IELTS essay (Task 2), you need to be able to clearly describe your point of view in a few sentences. To practice this you need to decide what you think or believe about a certain topic and why you think it.

Here is an example:

The question topic is, “There is more crime on the streets nowadays”.

How would you describe in a few sentences your point of view? Remember that the IELTS essay usually includes the instruction “Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience”. You must do this to score well.


I believe that the recent rise in local crime is unprecedented and dangerous for the local population.1 Only last week there was a series of armed robberies against people walking on the streets2 in my city and people are terrified of what this might lead to. Cutbacks in the local Police force3 have meant that we have fewer Police on the streets nowadays than before and I am convinced that this has allowed violent crime to escalate.4

1 your opinion in one sentence - that there has been a 'rise' or there is more crime
2 is a an example from your personal knowledge or experience
3 is the reason why you think there is more crime on the streets
4 supports your intial opinion in 1

Remember, your answer must be directly relevant or on topic to score well. If the topic is “There is more crime on the streets nowadays” then do not write about other crimes which are not committed on the streets, for example: domestic violence, white collar fraud or burglaries, as these are not relevant.

Practice writing your opinion in a few sentences about different topics and you will improve your IELTS Writing score.

Example IELTS  Task 2 writing topics:

The following are some typical IELTS Task 2 writing topics. What is your opinion?
  • 1. Many high level work positions are occupied by men. Should governments encourage a certain percentage of these jobs to be reserved for women?
  • 2. Do famous people receive unfair treatment from the media? Should they be entitled to their private lives, or is invading their privacy the price of fame they have to pay?
  • 3. Which area should countries that are developing concentrate on first; the improvement of industrial skills or the promotion of education?
  • 4. When constructing residential homes, following safety standards is very important. Should the government or the home builder be responsible for checking that the homes comply with local strict building codes?
  • 5. Has modern technology made life easier for us, or was life better before when we didn't have so much technology?
  • 6. What do you think are the factors that make a good movie?
  • 7. Do you think travel helps people understand and communicate more easily with other countries?
  • 8. Should parents be responsible and punished for their children's misbehaviour?
  • 9. What must a government do to make their country a success?
  • 10. Are sports classes in High School necessary, or should students concentrate more on academic classes?
  • 11. These days doctors can be very well paid. Some people believe that doctors should not specialize in lucrative activities such as plastic surgery, and concentrate more on everybody's health, not only rich people.
  • 12. Will books ever be replaced by the internet, or the handwritten word as our most important source of information?
  • 13. Developed countries should provide more international Aid for developing countries.
  • 14. Should criminals receive long jail sentences, or re-education and rehabilitation in community based programs before being rejoining society?
  • 15. Some people belive that in the near future children will not need to learn foreign languages because computers can already translate many languages really well.