Download Essential Words for IELTS | Topic-specific Vocabulary, PDF, MP3 CD

Barron’s Essential Words for IELTS

If you are preparing for the IELTS test, you need to have a really good level of English vocabulary. This means that you need to have a wide vocabulary so that you can understand many different words when they are used in a wide variety of different contexts or scenarios.

Essential Words for IELTS provides IELTS students with comprehensive and wide-ranging English vocabulary building exercises and shows how each vocabulary item is used correctly in certain situations. Essential Words for IELTS focuses on 600 high-frequency vocabulary words which appear in common topics in the IELTS test.

These IELTS topics include education, social issues, technology, business, tourism, health, culture and the arts, hobbies, leisure activities, the environment, and nature.

Essential Words for IELTS includes vocabulary exercises to teach IELTS students how to interpret the meaning of hundreds of new vocabulary items when they appear in a reading passage or a listening exercise by understanding their contextual significance. Essential Words for IELTS presents vocabulary building activities in the same question format that you will have to deal with in the real IELTS test – so it provides really valuable IELTS exam practice material also.

Download Barron's Essential Words for IELTS

  • Learn how to use new vocabulary strategies and tips on how to deal with new compound words which IELTS students may come across for the first time.
  • Each chapter of Essential Words for IELTS has exercises focused on expanding your vocabulary - and the answers - so that you can check your own study progress.
  • The book also offers suggestions for self-study internet-based activities to further develop your English vocabulary skills.
  • And as a bonus, Essential Words for IELTS comes with an MP3 CD which includes practice listening exercises so that you can develop and improve your listening skills for the IELTS test.