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Academic Writing IELTS Opinion Essay Template

Here's a basic IELTS essay template for planning your response for an opinion essay for Task 2 of the Academic Writing IELTS test. Obviously, the more advanced your English skills are the easier it will be for you to adapt, modify and personalize the template with practice.

Introduction [approx 60 words]

There is currently much debate about whether or not [restate topic]
Personally, I [adverb of degree] + agree/disagree with this because ... [reason #1 + reason#2]

Paragraph 2 [approx 85 words]

The principle reason why I agree/disagree with ... [restate topic] is [expand on reason #1]

Paragraph 3 [approx 85 words]

In addition to this I believe that ... [expand on reason #2]

Conclusion [approx 45 words]

Overall, I [adverb of degree] agree/disagree with the idea that [restate topic] because [paraphrase/summarize reason #1] and [paraphrase/summarize reason #2]. Therefore I believe that [offer a final recommendation/observation or opinion based on your reasons above].

IELTS Opinion Essay Example

IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic.

Some people believe that buying the latest fashion in clothes is a waste of time and money because people really do not need new clothes constantly. People should buy and use clothes more wisely.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Academic IELTS Opinon Essay Template Sample Answer

There is currently much debate about whether [the purchasing of fashionable clothes is the wisest use of our resources]. Personally, I [wholeheartedly] agree with this sentiment because [a lot of energy is consumed in their production, distribution and merchandizing] and [fashions change so fast that people buy clothes more often than they actually need].

The principle reason why I agree with the fact that [buying trendy clothes is not a good idea] is because it is really not necessary for a person to spend so much money or time on their clothes when there are far more important thing in life to focus on...[expand>>>]

In addition to this, most people end up with more clothes than they need and tend to simply discard them rather than recycle them or do something useful with them...[expand>>>]

Overall, I [completely] agree that spending money on clothes which are in fashion for such a short time is a waste of many things: energy, time and money, being some examples, when really it is not necessary and people could do so much more with the resources involved. Perhaps if we were better at recycling clothes and maybe distributing them to people who have basic clothing needs in other countries, it would not be such a wasteful pursuit.

Academic Writing Essay Tips

  • Spend 5 minutes planning your essay before you begin.
  • Write down essential vocabulary and phrases you want to use in your essay - so you don't forget to include them
  • Always leave a few minutes at the end to review and check spelling, grammar, etc.

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