IELTS Sentence Completion Practice Questions | Energy Challenge

IELTS Sentence Completion Practice Questions

Great Energy Challenge - What is the Great Energy Challenge? See why energy is abundant around us, and how we have to find the best ways to harness it for use.

Test your IELTS note taking skills

Watch the short video and make brief notes about the information you see. Now complete the following sentences using no more than two words and/or a number from the video.

[-]Question 1:

    One hour of sunlight could meet the _____ demand for a year.

[-]Question 2:

    Natural gas reserves could supply current world demand for _____ than _____.

[-]Question 3:

    Wind power could supply _____ the current _____ electricity consumption.

[-]Question 4:

    In the Unites States, _____ energy reserves could equal _____ times _____ energy consumption.

[-]Question 5:

    _____ could one day replace ___ or more of current U.S. oil consumption.

[-]Question 6:

    Waves and tidal streams could replace _____ of _____ electricity needs.

[-]Question 7:

    Coal, the largest source of electrical power, can be _____ in more than a _____ of the countries in the world.

[-]Question 8:

    A _____ barrel of oil has as much energy as there is in the food to feed an adult for _____.


    1. world's energy
    2. more ... 280 years
    3. 40 times ... worldwide
    4. geothermal ... 2,000 ... annual
    5. Biofuels ... 30%
    6. 20% ... developed nations'
    7. mined ... third
    8. single ... 2 years