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TOEFL IELTS Vocabulary Quiz

How good is your English vocabulary?

Can you get 100% in this vocabulary quiz? Test your vocabulary with these multiple choice quizzes, suitable for TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, FCE, PTE and other English proficiency tests.

TOEFL Vocabulary Quiz

Which words best complete the following sentences

1. A skier on the west side of the mountain ______ an avalanche of cascading snow.
  • made
  • triggered
  • resulted

2. When their babysitter cancelled at the last minute, I ______ to look after their son.
  • tendered
  • asked
  • volunteered

3. Gamblers try to ______ which horse will win a race.
  • foreshow
  • calculate
  • predict

4. The Secretary of State ______ the President on his trip.
  • complemented
  • accompanied
  • occurred with

5. The treasurer has to ______ all corporate expenditure.
  • proof
  • approve
  • countenance

6. All new refrigeration equipment should ______ to the latest energy efficiency standards.
  • agree
  • comply
  • conform

7. Laws ______ the amount of certain products and goods a person can bring into the country.
  • withhold
  • constrict
  • restrict

8. By speaking to the press he ______ our contract.
  • validated
  • violated
  • signed

9. The professor ______ the student's request for an extension.
  • denied
  • retracted
  • disproved

10. During the period 1880 to 1915, millions of Italians ______ to the USA.
  • migrate
  • defected
  • immigrated

Score =

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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