IELTS Sample Essays | fill in the blanks (with answers)

Here is a typical IELTS essay responding to a statement given, where you are required to give your views and opinion on a subject. Fill each blank space with a single word to comeplete this sample essay about protecting animals. The words are all related to the recent grammar posts:
  • Which relative pronoun should I use?
  • How do I choose between and, but, or?
  • Auxiliary verbs

You can check your answers at the end of the essay.

IELTS essay question

Many people think that we spend too much money on the protection of animals and other species which are endangered and that it would be better if we spent more money on looking after people who need help on our planet instead. What is your opinion on this statement?

Sample Essay Answer

Whether you love animals 1._____ hate them, they play an important role in our ecosystem. Losing even a tiny insect species could have a very large impact on us all. For example, recent studies have shown that when there are fewer insects, there are also fewer birds. This means that crops will suffer because birds play an important role in pollinating plants, 2._____ they also eat insects that are harmful to plants.

Human beings are said to be the most dangerous animal on our planet, 3._____ we are also very vulnerable. If our crops fail, this could have disastrous consequences for all of us. In other words, we are as dependent on the tiny insects of this world as they are on us. They rely on us to protect them 4._____ their environment. If we do not, their numbers could begin to decline, 5._____ , even worse, they may become extinct altogether.

It is true that some people are already doing 6._____ they can to protect the environment, 7._____ this is not enough. Nowadays, people always want to buy the newest and latest gadgets, 8._____ what happens to the 'old' mobile phones, computers or toasters 9._____ are thrown away? We all need to realise that our everyday actions can have an impact on whether 10._____ not other animal species survive. We 11._____ need to stop buying new things altogether; however, we do need to change both the way we think 12._____ the way we behave.


  • 1. or
  • 2. and
  • 3. but
  • 4. and
  • 5. or
  • 6. what
  • 7. but
  • 8. but
  • 9. that
  • 10. or
  • 11. don't
  • 12. and