IELTS writing general task 1 | letter of complaint describing problems and reasons

IELTS writing general task 1 | writing a letter of complaint

This is a simple exercise to help you develop your letter writing skills for the IELTS Writing test (General Training, Task 1). Complete the letter below using the information from the notes about problems and reasons.

  • rooms were noisy
  • couldn't use the pool
  • son cut his foot
  • trip to Mt Etna spoiled
  • couldn't see the top of the mountain
  • missed part of the show
  • wife sick

  • the hotel wasn't finished
  • the water was so dirty
  • he swam at the beach
  • the weather was so bad
  • it was covered by cloud
  • the bus broke down
  • she ate undercooked chicken

IELTS Writing Task 1 - write a letter complaining about ...

Dear Sir

I am writing to complain about a recent holiday I took with your company.

First, our accommodation was terrible. It was very noisy as a result of (1).......... , so builders were working on it day and night. Not only that, but we couldn't use the pool because of (2).......... We would have liked to go to the beach more often, but on the first day my son cut his foot badly as a result of (3).......... in the sea there, and we discovered there was a lot of broken glass in the sand.

Secondly, we paid a great deal of money for two trips. The first one to Mt Etna was ruined because of (4).......... In fact we couldn't even see the top of the mountain because of (5).......... The second trip was to a show in the local town. However, we missed the start of the show as a result of (6).......... on the way there. Furthermore, my wife ended up in hospital as a result of (7).......... at the restaurant there.

I would be grateful if you could refund the cost of our trip.

Yours faithfully

[your name ...]