Talk About An Interesting Topic | IELTS Band 9 Speaking Sample Answer

Talk about an interesting topic | IELTS Speaking USA

The following sample answer is based on an IELTS speaking question asked in the USA recently.

Talk about an interesting topic. Please say:
  • What topic is it?
  • Why do you find it interesting?
  • What can you learn from it?

IELTS Speaking Test Sample Answer

For me personally, one of the most interesting topics or subjects is the future. I mean, it’s beginning to take shape every day, but we still don’t know exactly what it’s going to be like. There seems to have been a lot happening just recently, in terms of world changing events, which will definitely shape things to come. It’s impossible to say yet what some of the outcomes will be, but for sure the world will be a very different place to how it is at the moment and a lot sooner than people may think.

We can already see some strange phenomenon, such as governments and news channels reporting riots and unrest in various countries. The phrase ‘social media’ seems to be popping up everywhere in connection with these events and no doubt the role of social media will continue to grow and shape our behavior. It’s obvious that the authorities are still having a hard time grasping that they no longer have a monopoly on controlling the flow of information to the public, as they had in the past. Information flows more freely and rapidly now than at any time in our history and without government control in most cases. This, for sure, has already brought about many changes in itself; empowering ordinary people and should provide the basis for change in many aspects of life such as employment, education and even relationships. You can only imagine that the future will be shaped more and more by the people who wield and control the technology that we use daily rather than politicians and authoritarian entities.

Personally I find it an interesting topic because it’s the big unknown – maybe the most important , I mean, we can all guess what may happen – but none of it will be for certain until it happens – so it’s fascinating seeing it all unfolding and trying to anticipate what will come next.

I think that we can learn a lot from thinking about the future – for example scientists have been thinking about the effects of global warming and its consequences in the future – this has had a direct impact on certain political and lifestyle changes that we are currently undergoing – so I think the future, although it hasn’t actually happened yet, can still have an impact on our present – when people actually think about the future - and how it will be, based on what we have done and are doing now.

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  1. the future is uncertain but we can control the present.which shapes the future in the end.


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