English Grammar | use of nouns | appearance, outlook, looks

English grammar mistakes | using nouns: appearance, outlook, looks

  • Public art can have a considerable effect on the outlook of public spaces. [incorrect]
  • Public art can have a considerable effect on the appearance of public spaces. [correct]

The appearance of something is the way it looks and a person's appearance is the way the person looks [their face, body, hair etc.] and the way they dress:
Artificial ingredients are sometimes added to enhance the taste or appearance of food.
Many young women spend a lot of time on their appearance. [not their appearances]

A person's looks refers to how attractive they are - their face, etc. but not their clothes:
  • She had gone grey and lost her looks. [= she was not as attractive as before].

A person's outlook is the way they think about their life and the future:
  • The accident completely changed her outlook on life. She enjoys each day more now.