Learning English Grammar

English grammar | common mistakes

A collection of English grammar quick guides to common mistakes and how to avoid them, essential rules and examples of correct grammar use.


Noun Use | confusing nouns 1 [A]
Noun use | communication
Noun use | appearance, outlook, looks 
Noun Use | countable and uncountable nouns 
Using Prepositions With Nouns 
Articles | a /an before noun phrases 
Noun Use | journey, travel, trip 
Noun Use | confusing nouns 2
Noun Use | confusing nouns 1
Noun Use | nouns with no plural form 
Confusing Nouns | effect, influence, impact
Confusing Nouns | habits, customs, practices 
Nouns and Adjectives | male or men?
When to use noun or adjective? | danger / dangerous?


Verb Use | being and having 
Verb Use | singular and plural forms 
Verb Use | confusing verbs 1
Verb Use | confusing verbs 2
Verb use | after adjectives and prepositions 
Verb use | when do I use verb+ing or to+infinitive? 
Verb Use | auxiliary verbs 
Verb Collocations 
Modal verbs can & could
How do I make a verb passive? 


Prepositions | of 
Prepositions | time and place 
Prepositions | after adjectives and nouns 
Prepositions | after verbs 

Describing Statistics

Describing Statistics | verbs 
Describing Statistics | nouns 
Describing Statistics | using prepositions 
Describing trends & graphs | using prepositions 


Time Words
Expressing Contrast 
Making Comparisons 
Number & Amount
Adjective Forms 
Articles | the / a / an and 'capital letters' 
Articles | using 'the' before abstract concepts 
Commas | with discourse markers 
How to use | when / if / whether 
How to use | capital letters 1
How to use | the
When to use 'the' 
Adjectives and Adverbs 
What is register?
When do I use the passive? 
stop / try / forget / remember 
Gerund or infinitive? | after allow, advise, make, suggest 
How to choose between and / but / or 
Singular and Plural Agreement | there is / there are 
When to use the present simple tense?