Kaplan IELTS Book and Audio

IELTS Kaplan - Self Study IELTS Preparation Book with Audio

Kaplan IELTS Book

This excellent IELTS self-study resource book allows anyone preparing fo the IELTS exam to thoroughly learn all about the format of the test and the essential language skills necessary to perform well in the test and obtain the best IELTS score possible.

The book deals with both versions of the IELTS exam: Academic and Geneneral Training. There are seperate modules for the writing and reading sections and Kaplan IELTS includes explanations and samples of each type.

English learners preparing for the IELTS exam can learn the key strategies that are important in each section and the book provides many useful tips and insights into the exam and the best way to tackle each section and the different types of question that are used.

The book is very comprehensive and includes a full overview and indepth review of the four different sections in the IELTS exam:
  • IELTS Listening
  • IELTS Reading
  • IELTS Writing
  • IELTS Speaking

The book includes a full length Academic IELTS practice test and a full length General Training IELTS test, complete with answers and all listening material is provided on CD. Hundreds of IELTS test practice questions are used to develop the learner's skills and teach and perfect the necessary IELTS skills for maximum performance in the exam.

Kaplan's IELTS book is an invaluable self-study resource book for anyone preparing for the IELTS exam, even if attending a preparation course, it is written by experts and the detail it provides about the IELTS exam and each type of task and question is superb.

Download this book, and when you go to the IELTS test center to do the exam, you can be sure there will be no surprises. You will know exactly what is expected and how to approach each of the tasks. This will increase your confidence level and that can make a big difference in your final IELTS score.