Talk about something you would like to succeed in doing | IELTS speaking | Cue Card Question & Answer

Talk about something that you would like to succeed in doing.

You should say:
  • What is it?
  • How would you make it happen?
  • Why do you want to do it?
  • Do you know someone who has achieved it?

IELTS Speaking Answer | something that you would like to succeed in doing

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I would like to succeed at being successful in my life … I suppose I’ll have to explain that a bit more. Normally, everyone wants to be successful at something don’t they? Well, I guess I would really, like to succeed at being successful at everything I do.

I mean, I don’t mind failing sometimes, in order to learn things, but I would like to achieve everything I want, you know, like personal growth, being financially independent, having an interesting life and doing things that I like …those sorts of things.

I’ve read many books by experts on ‘How to be successful’ but at the end of the day there is no simple answer. It’s very much a personal thing, and I think that it could be a case of everyone needing to find out what works for them, as they go through life.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned is, that the more I read - the more successful I become – I think it’s because it feeds your mind and imagination - seeing things from many different perspectives – reading not only gives you knowledge but it can also give you ideas and if you read about a wide variety of topics, then sometime those ideas cross and form a powerful idea which you can do something with.

So it’s not just one thing I want to be successful at … it’s everything, or most things at least. I don’t think it’s too ambitious – quite the opposite – I like to set myself big goals – and then work towards them. I think it helps me to realize my full personal potential, rather than just concentrating on one thing such as being the best at my job, or being the best husband. Why shouldn’t I be the best at many different things?

I know several people, who I would consider have ‘succeeded in life’ and they provide a really good example of what is really possible if you set yourself big goals and dream big. I admire them and what they’ve achieved, and as I said earlier, it’s not that they’re successful just at one thing but they have succeeded in almost every aspect of their lives … and that’s something worth striving for, isn’t it?

How would you answer this IELTS speaking test question about something that you would like to succeed in doing?

  • What would you like to achieve?
  • Do you set yourself goals?
  • Would you be dissappointed if you don't succeed?