Describe a Leader You Admire Cue Card Topic | IELTS Speaking Questions & Answers

Describe a leader who you admire (for example, in sport, business or politics)

You should say:
  • who this person is
  • how he or she became a leader
  • what this person did (has done) that you admire
  • how you know this person or know about this person
and explain how this leader's qualities impressed you.

Sample Answer 1:

I'd like to talk about Steve Jobs. I think he is a very important leader for this time in history. Like many famous leaders in the past he changed the way we see things and do things through his innovation and creativity.

Some people may think he just invented the Apple Mac computer and a phone, but the inventon or device which really changed everything was the iPhone. It made people rethink what a phone could be and should be and as we can now see it has been the catalyst behind much of the smartphone technology and developments since it was first launched. Current smartphone technology now makes online shopping even easier and accessing any kind of information online which has fundamentally transformed our daily bahavior.

Maybe if he hadn't launched the iPhone, someone lese would have done something similar evetually, but he had the vision and the creativiuty to do it first and that always makes a difference. I don't think he planned to become a world influencer or business leader, he simply had a company which innovated something that impacted on the daily lives of many people in a big way.

The qualitites that he had; being an innovator, being able to see things in a different way and conceptualize other ways of doings things, some people would call it being visionary are what impress me most abut him. He changed the way we interact with each other through mobile devices and that has had a tremendous impact on modern life and the other technology developments that have followed on the back of it. The world will never be the same as it was before the iPhone came along.

Sample Answer 2:

Due to my nature as a person, I lean more towards those people who seek peace and do good, therefore the leader that I admire most is the Dalai Lama.

I consider the Dalai Lama to be a person with a very strong ideal, which despite all the obstacles he has encountered in his life, has continued to struggle to achieve it. He seeks peace in his land (Tibet) and although he has been exiled for many years he has continued to try to find it.
He travels, visits other countries and also promotes the unity of religions, not as a single religion but its acceptance among themselves and the knowledge of all to be understood. He is a visionary person, a fighter and without fear to express his thoughts.

I think he is a person who became a leader and was not necessarily born a leader. He was probably born with certain characteristics to be a leader but was prepared to become the future Dalai Lama since he was 2 years old, to take power in the future.

I still believe that he is a leader that was made, or rather he was formed, to be the head of an independent region of China.

I can’t really imagine the life of this type of people, full of meditation, trial and error, and the search for inner peace and transparency; these types of religion, in particular, are extremely spiritual, therefore he must have gone through many more improvements than many of the other modern leaders.

I consider that people immersed in such a spiritual life and in the pursuit of perfection at that level, are probably more deeply analytical than a person who does not follow such a religion.

The Dalai Lama, just as any human being, had to have gone through a lot of changes in his life to get to improve his person the way he has done. The important thing about this is to recognize the mistakes and really change and work hard to not commit them again or at least that each time is on a smaller scale.

Most people can be everything they set out to be, but for that, you have to really believe it, and also not rest until you reach your goal and then propose another and so on. I have always believed that I can achieve it, but the most important thing when it comes to setting goals, is to look for those that are attainable because otherwise, we end up frustrated.

I would really love to find that spiritual peace that such people achieve and be able to teach other people to live that way.

Describe a Leader You Admire

  • How would you answer this IELTS speaking question about a leader you admire?
  • Who would you choose to speak about? Why?
  • What would you say about the person?