IELTS questions about science | IELTS speaking test

Science questions - IELTS speaking

IELTS Speaking Science Questions

Do you like science?
Are you very interested in science?
What science subject at school do/did you like the most? [Why?]
What do/did you like most about studying science?
What's the most interesting (part of) science to you?
Is there anything about science that you dislike?
What's the most difficult part of studying science?
What are your sources of information about science?
Do you often read books about science and technology?

How Science is Studied

What science have you studied (or learned)?
How do you (or, how did you) study science?
How is science taught in school in your country?
How do students in your country study science?
What science do students study at school in your country?

The Importance of Science

Do you think science is important?
How has the science that you have studied helped you?
How does the science you have studied help you?
How do you think the science you have studied will help you?
Is your work related to science?