How to Answer IELTS Speaking Questions | Talking About Your Hometown in IELTS Speaking Test

These IELTS questions are based on an IELTS speaking test in Mexico recently. Every IELTS speaking test is unique, but you can learn how to answer IELTS speaking questions by using a few simple brainstorming techniques to prepare for your IELTS speaking test. Here are some ideas about answering IELTS speaking questions.

IELTS speaking test | Part 1

Let’s talk about your hometown. What do you think is special about it?

Your hometown normally refers to the place where you come from/were born. Try to identify one or two things that make your hometown special. For example:
  • Is your hometown famous for something such as beer, food, dancing?
  • Are the people very friendly?
  • Does your hometown have a historic building or place of interest that many people visit?
  • Is your hometown a tourist location?
  • Does your hometown have an interesting history?
  • Is your hometown a special place because of the weather?

Once you have decided, simply describe why your hometown is special to the examiner. Give the reason(s) and maybe one or two examples.

Sample IELTS speaking answer

I come from Jalisco in Mexico, so I think my hometown is special because it’s where Jose Cuervo Tequila is produced. Tequila is famous all over the world, but Jalisco is quite a small place, the local people are very friendly and we have a very long tradition of Tequila that we are extremely proud of. Many generations of families have worked in the local Tequila factory, including my grandfather and father so we are a very tight knit community, which also makes it a special place.

How can you improve your hometown?

Here you need to think about solutions for problems or something you would like in your hometown that doesn’t exist at the moment. For example:
  • Are there any problems in your hometown?
  • Does your hometown have a lot of crime?
  • Is there traffic congestion in your hometown?
  • Does your hometown have enough local facilities?
  • Is there a lot of unemployment?

Identify one or two possible improvements that could be made to your hometown and describe them to the IELTS examiner, try to give reasons why these improvements would be important.

Sample IELTS answer

Generally it’s a nice place and there aren’t really any problems, but it would be good if the young people had more of a choice in terms of work when they leave school or university. Most of them move to larger cities in other parts of the country to find jobs because the opportunities locally are somewhat limited. My hometown isn’t a big place, so it’s not particularly exciting for young people. Maybe the local government could do something more to attract more industrial and commercial companies to locate there and that would provide more job opportunities for young people locally rather than having to move away.

How has your hometown changed compared to the past?

Think about your hometown when you were growing up as a child and what your hometown is like now.
  • How was your hometown different when your parents lived there?
  • Have there been any big changes in your hometown?
  • Have there been small changes in your hometown?
  • Have there been no real changes in your hometown?
  • Is your hometown bigger or smaller now?
  • Is there more or less traffic than before in your hometown?
  • Is there more or less industry/business now?
  • Have the people changed in your hometown?
  • Is it more modern now?
  • Is your hometown a better place than before?
  • Is it more interesting or more boring than before?

Once you have thought about the changes, explain to the IELTS examiner what has changed in your hometown and how it has changed.

Sample IELTS answer

Well, it’s certainly a bit bigger than when I grew up there as a child. But, really, not much else has changed. It’s a very traditional way of live that hasn’t changed much over the years. As I said it’s not a big city, so a lot of families have lived there for a long time. Probably the most notable change is the number of new shopping malls that have been constructed and also the amount of tourists who come to visit, which seems to be increasing every year.

With practice it is easy to learn how to answer IELTS speaking questions.