You are never too old to learn (Education) - Are You Too Old to Learn Something New?

IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic:

Some people believe you are never too old to learn.

How strongly do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words

IELTS essay | you are never too old to learn

The process of education is long and not only does it provide us with fundamental skills such as numeracy and literacy, but it plays an essential role in our future lives.

From the day we first go to kindergarten as small children, and then progress on through primary and secondary education, the foundation is being laid for the life we will face as adults.

We have to discipline ourselves to work hard in order to pass exams and tests and obtain the qualifications necessary to find good employment. We also learn other valuable life skills which enable us to fit in socially at work and with other people around us. And obviously health education teaches us the way to stay fit and healthy for life.

For many people, the education process comes to an end when they reach their mid-to-late teens. For others though, it is just the commencement of a lifetime journey of learning.

After finishing school, they may progress to further education where they can learn useful vocational skills such as computer literacy or the basics of business administration. Others might matriculate in a course of higher education at university where, if they study and successfully pass the exams, they will be able to graduate after three to five years with an accredited academic degree.

Following that, they may work for some time before deciding to pursue a postgraduate degree - an MBA, or maybe a PhD in their professional field. Another option they may choose is to attend an evening class after work or, if they have a supportive employer, manage to get day release allowing them to attend and study during normal working hours.

If they live in a remote location or a long way from a college or university, then there is always the possibility that they could follow a distance learning course using the internet. In fact, the proliferation of computers and internet enabled devices nowadays has made it possible for many people who had not been near an educational establishment for many years to start studying again, as virtual students on one of many virtual campus sites..

We live in an ever changing and fascinating world, and we should try to continually acquire new knowledge if we want to be able to stay abreast of current trends and changing events. Our schooldays are in fact just the very beginning of our life-long learning process, and we should try to make the best of every opportunity for further development, whether we are relatively young or old. I believe that indeed, you are never too old to learn or begin learning something new.

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assignment, college, controversy, curriculum, dissertation, education, exam, field, findings, funding, grade, graduation, grant, high school, homework, junior school, kindergarten, learning disorder, lecturer, library, limits, Masters, nursery, PhD, primary school, program, project, research, resources, results, scholarship, scope, secondary school, sources, syllabus, task, theory, thesis, tutor, topic, university,


academic, eligible, mixed, postgraduate, relevant, senior, single-sex, co-educational, studious, work-related


adopt, analyse, conduct, concentrate, consider, find out, graduate, learn, organize, overcome, review, revise, struggle, take (a course)

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