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IELTS Listening Practice

To get a high score in IELTS listening it's a good idea to do a lot of practice using authentic IELTS practice materials such as in the book Cambridge IELTS 8 Practice Tests, which has 4 complete IELTS listening tests with answers, and full transcripts of each test and IELTS listening section, so you can learn why the answers are correct and improve your IELTS listening performance.

Practice and become familiar with the instructions, format and time allowed for different types of IELTS listening questions and you can get a high score.

The IELTS listeing test consists of 4 separate sections. There are a variety of different questions types including:
  • completing a form
  • taking notes
  • multiple choice
  • sentence completion
  • short answers
  • matching information
  • labelling a diagram, map or plan

You can listen and download IELTS listening exercises here:

Cambridge IELTS listening | Completing a form MP3

IELTS listening | Completing a form PDF

Cambridge IELTS listening | Multiple choice MP3

IELTS listening | Multiple choice PDF

Cambridge IELTS listening | Short answers MP3

IELTS listening | Short answers PDF

Cambridge IELTS listening | Completing sentences MP3

IELTS listening | Completing sentences PDF

Download Cambridge IELTS Book 8 PDF & MP3