IELTS challenge #6

IELTS workout of the day (WOD) #6

Today’s topic | Hobbies / Pastimes / Leisure activities

1. Brainstorm 5 indoor activities, 5 outdoor activities and 5 activities which can be done both indoors and outdoors.

2. Give 5 examples of hobbies / pastimes / leisure activities which are popular in your country.

Now think of 5 different adjectives to describe each of your examples.

3. Give 2 reasons why you think each one is popular.

4. Many people think it is important to have a hobby / pastime.

- Think of 3 possible benefits of having a hobby / pastime.
- Now, using modal verbs of possibility/probability, make suppositions about why some of the hobbies / pastimes you identified earlier might offer benefits to those people who do them.

Example: People who do a lot of sport may feel better and could be healthier.

5. Identify 3 reasons why a person might take up a hobby or pastime.

6. Do you have a hobby / pastime? Can you write a paragraph explaining what your hobby / pastime is, what benefits you get from doing it and how you became interested or got started doing it – in less than 3 minutes?

7. Rewrite the following sentence in as many different ways as you can in 2 minutes.

Most people believe it is important for a person to have an interest outside of work or studying because it gives them something else to focus on.

8. Can you think of 3 examples of hobbies / leisure activities / pastimes which people do now but your parents’ generation did not do?

9. Complete the following 5 conditional sentences related to hobbies / pastimes / leisure activities.
    - If people have a hobby, ...
    - If you do your hobby / pastime as part of a group, ...
    - If I wanted to start a new hobby, ...
    - If more young people were encouraged to have hobbies, ...
    - If a young child learns about a hobby from one of his grandparents, ...

10. Here are 6 phrasal verbs you could use to talk about hobbies / pastimes / leisure activities. If you’re not sure, check their meaning here, and then use each phrasal verb in an example sentence talking about one of the hobbies you identified above.
    - take up
    - take to
    - join in
    - go in for
    - give up
    - get into