Study abroad options growing in popularity for Indian students

Indian Students choose study abroad as best option

Many Students in India decide to study outside their own country, even though it’s more expensive for them to do so. Why is this? They see the standards and quality of graduate and post-graduate courses offered abroad as superior to those available in their home country.

In the past, top studying abroad destinations included the USA, the UK and Canada. Although many Indian students still go to study in the US and Canada, the restriction of work permits to foreign students following graduation from courses offered in the UK has had a negative impact on numbers travelling to the UK for their graduate and post-graduate level degrees.

Germany offers great study abroad deals

Many students, especially those following engineering as their chosen career find alternatives in other countries such as studying abroad in Germany. There is a wide choice of masters degrees available in Germany, many of them taught in English. And there are excellent employment and career opportunities in Germany for engineering students, automobile engineers in particular.

The majority of German universities do not charge tuition fees, only a small fee for each semester. After successfully graduating from their course, foreign students are permitted to stay in Germany for an additional year and a half through a special job search visa scheme. If they do find a full time job then they become eligible to apply for a Blue card which gives them the right to live and work for four years in Germany.

Asian study abroad destinations gaining in popularity

Outside of the US and Canada, South-East Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore have also become attractive options for Indian students who want to study abroad. Practical experience is one of the major attractions. In Singapore, for example, a 12 month internship in addition to the basic course means students gain real practical work experience in their field of interest.

India has very high competition for many university places, especially in medicine, and this another reason many students are opting to study abroad. It is an attractive option, where they can find good employment following graduation, and pay off their student loans quicker than if they had studied in India.

Study abroad in Ireland for IT

Ireland has also become a hot spot for IT students and it is predicted to become the top destination in 2015-16 for students looking for study abroad options. Graduate and post-graduate course are taught in English, foreign students can take advantage of work permits, and all of the big IT companies have offices in Ireland. Employment prospects, following graduation, are also reportedly good in Ireland.

Since 2010, the number of Indian students choosing to study courses abroad, either in the US, Canada, the UK or elsewhere has increased each year and this trend shows no sign of changing in the short term.