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Here are some examples of questions about computers from Part 1 of the IELTS speaking test. You can use these questions in your IELTS preparation to help you think about what you would say in response to them. What examples would you give? What details would you need to describe? What vocabulary would you need to express yourself well?

Do you often use computers?

Yes, I do, very often, in fact every day I use my laptop. I use it for studying, researching, entertainment and also for shopping sometimes.

When did you start using computers?

I guess I was in elementary school when I first started to use them regularly. My parents had a computer at home, but I wasn't allowed to use it in those days. So I suppose I would have been about six years old when I first started using computers to do things.

What do you use computers for?

Nowadays, pretty much everything. I send and receive emails, use apps like Skype and Hangouts to chat with people, use the internet to do research as part of my studies and then of course there's all the entertainment available on the internet. I'm a big YouTube fan, sometimes I can spend hours watching stuff online.

Would you say computers are important?

Absolutely! They are irreplaceable now - I mean they're used in banks, business, airplanes, cars, virtually everything has some kind of computer which helps it operate - I don't know what we would do without them.

Would you say computers are important in your life?

    Personally, I'd say yes, my life would be totally different if I didn't use computers every day. I grew up using computers and they're an integral part of most of the daily activities I do - so obviously, yes, they're very important for me.

Do computers have much impact on your life?

They certainly make my life a lot easier most of the time- I mean banking and shopping online is so much quicker and more convenient than having to actually go to a bank or shop and do it all physically. I can achieve more in my life thanks to computers - all that information is instantly accessible on the internet, which makes so many things easier and I suppose the biggest impact of all is the way computers have really changed the way we live, the way we intereact with each other and how we do things.

What effect do computers have on children?

Some people used to think that children spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen was not a good thing for them - but now you just look at the adults who are doing exactly the same and you have to laugh. Basically, children spending hours in front of a computer screen is like learning a life skill or work skill, becasue when they grow up and become adults and start working many of them , if they work in an office or simialr environemnt, will spend many hours using comuters to do their work - so overall, I think it's only natural that children spend quite a lot of time with computers. I really don't think there are any serious negative effects caused by computers which apply specifically for children.

How do you think parents could minimize (or avoid) the negative effects of computers on their children?

Okay,so if parents are convinced that their child is spending too much time using a computer - then they could always try and put a limit on the number of hours their child uses the computer each week. They could also make sure that their child is involved in other activities outside, maybe playing sports and things like that. It's good to have a balance of activities - things you can do alone and also with other people.

What computer skill(s) would you like to learn?

Yeah, I'd really like to learn computer animation and graphics someday, but I think it takes a long time to learn all the necessary techniques and then practice creating such things. It would be nice though, because it looks so interesting when you see someone elese doing it.

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